Sunday, 1 January 2012

Hello 2012!

Today represents a brand new year - a new beginning.

Regardless of how your last year was, it has no bearing on what the future holds. It's an empty canvas for 365 days of your life - you can end up with mere scribbles or a masterpiece, and that's entirely up to you. Decide how you want your life to be, and your goals for the year. There's no shame in wanting to lead a simple happy life; many people wish just to sit back and enjoy the sunshine, and spend quality time with their family and friends.

BUT if you have goals to achieve, write them down and work towards achieving your ambitions with little steps. Do not be caught up in life and forget your ambitions, even if it takes sacrifice and a lot of hard work. Think back on your regrets in life - they are more likely to be about things you did not do rather than those you did! Missed opportunities because you did not bother or were too afraid to do something about them... and we live the rest of our lives wondering how different our lives would be had we done something different?

Fast forward to the day you lie on your deathbed and think back on your greatest regrets, and then come back to the present moment and decide how you want to avoid those regrets. It is that simple - do not merely exist... live a life!

I'm healthy, have a great family and friends, and I'm living in a peaceful and prosperous country. I know the conditions are right for me to seize the day should I want to, and the new year gives me 365 days to make my existence worthwhile. So catch the winds in your sail and push towards your dreams, and don't forget to lend a helping hand to others along the way.

Hello 2012...  :)

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