Thursday, 2 June 2011


Stay motivated
It is difficult to do your best when you’re not motivated. There are things that you may not like to do, but since you’d have to do it anyway, find a source of challenge to motivate yourself. Who knows – you might even appreciate the task even better than you’d imagine.

Stay hungry
The common saying goes that wealth never last three generations, and it has been proven true in many cases. Be it wealth or spiritual contentment, they key to a fulfilling life has always been to stay hungry (not literally of course). A person who hungers for more tries harder, and gets more out of life.

Stay curious
Curiosity kills the cat, but we’re no felines so it’s safe to stay curious. Never stop questioning everything around you. Everything happens for a reason, and it might not be the right reason or best solution. The most outstanding individuals from scientists to businessmen always challenge the status quo with “why?” and you should too. Open your eyes wide, and your mind even wider.

Stay connected
No man is an island, and the most amazing achievements happen when people come together. The sharing of knowledge, contents or contacts can be very helpful in your life, and it sure doesn’t hurt to know more people. Even if nothing else, you’d never know when an innocent remark from a conversation can give you inspiration for something great, or change your life forever.

Stay grounded
Be it politics or business, many have failed because they lost touch with the ground. Always be in touch with the people on the ground, because anything that you do has an impact on them. If you do not understand the mechanics that happen on the ground, you start losing control. Be connected with your friends or subordinates – respect stems from understanding ground operation.

Stay strong
There are many things in life that hit us hard in the face, and force us to bend over. And sometimes things turn out so badly in the blink of an eye, that you might find the odds overwhelmingly against you. When you’re down, the only way is up. Don’t quit, soldier on and bite the bullet. When all is over, you’d see that it is only a storm in the teacup of life.

Stay alive
You can take this literally – to eat healthy and monitor your health. That’s great, but it is just as important to stay alive spiritually. Some people embrace religion, some look towards philosophy. Since we choose to stay alive, we might as well BE alive! Do not spend your days with your back hunched and head drooping. Walk with spring in your step, hold your head high and look at the positive side of life. Look towards the light, and you’d never see the shadows. Be alive!

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