Monday, 15 November 2010

Food wisdom

We've always heard that it's better to eat natural food than processed food, and that sounds perfectly logical. Processed food contains higher levels of preservatives and additives to make the food last longer or taste better, and that's probably not very good for health. Cheap sausages and nuggets made the headlines some time ago, with the revelation that they're made up of "rubbish" parts which you'd not normally consume as part of the natural food diet.

In order to maximize their profits, it made sense for the food industry to look for ways to make use of every single part of their produce, so nothing is wasted. Parts like scraps of meat, bones and veins are usually discarded in our natural diet, but they represent inventory in the food manufacture's dictionary. I came across this video by Jamie Oliver who illustrated the junk that goes into the manufacture of chicken nuggets, and I must say that it's an eye-opener.

See if for yourself, and decide if you still want to bite into another tasty morsel of nuggets...

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