Sunday, 24 October 2010

True talents shine through adversity

For all fans of the Rocky series, you'd doubtlessly remember how Rocky Balboa was always cast as the underdog in each of the movie. The character was usually training in some dingy and run-down training gym, while his opponent would have access to the best and most modern training facilities and methods. And as you'd have guessed it, Rocky always beat the odds and come up triumph against his rival who had superior backing.

And if you're a fan of drifting, or just an anime fan, you probably know of the popular anime  "Initial D". The anime revolves around a teenager who's extremely talented in the art of drift racing, who went on to beat various challengers armed with extremely potent rides in his humble and broken down Toyota Trueno AE86 (a mid-1980s car which is old and underpowered in today's era).

The morale of such stories revolves around how talent and determination can beat the odds, winning challenges even though the environment may be adverse to success. You can probably think of some real life examples, perhaps of how a student excels in studies in spite of poor home environment, or how a starving artist can conjure up a world of imagination armed with some cheap brushes and limited paint. Or how a photographer can create stunning works with just one camera and a single lens. The point is clear - talent and determination can never be buried by adversity, not unless you allow tough times to beat you down.

I came across this video on Youtube showing some youths performing some really slick dance moves - on a street corner. In spite of not having professional training or a place to dance, they shared the passion and zeal for dancing, turning a street corner into a dance stage in the rain. Perhaps adversity and the lack of resources do force the individuals to excel compared to being someone else taking everything for granted by being spoon-fed with the best of everything. After all, the tiger in the zoo will lose its instinct to fight for survival compared to his counterpart in the wild who has to fight for every meal.

As Steve Jobs will say, "stay hungry, stay curious."

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