Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Can we eat to starve cancer?

Cancer is one of the top killer diseases in our modern society, and the exponential growth in cancer cases can be largely attributed to our sedate lifestyle and unhealthy diet of processed food. Many of us hardly exercise in our daily lives, choosing to drive and take lifts/escalators instead of walking. And our diet comprise of processed food which are cheap and easily available. The combination of a sedate lifestyle and consumption of processed food (largely meat-based to make things worse) can be disastrous for our bodies, giving cancer cells the room to grow.

I received this video link from a friend, which I found highly interesting. Basically, the theory is that the body's natural process of angiogenesis is responsible for the fast rebuilding of blood vessels in our body, and that cancer cells require blood vessels to supply them with nutrients and oxygen to grow quickly. The speaker William Li is a doctor whose work in angiogenesis discovered that anti-angiogenesis elements occur naturally in various food, vegetables and fruits, and thus we might be able to prevent cancer from growing by consuming such food groups.

You might think, "haven't we all heard about that before?", but the video is extremely interesting and enlightening, and even if you know that eating certain food groups is good for your health, the video explains exactly why they're helpful in the fight against cancer. It helps that William was speaking a TED seminar, which in the past has featured other notable speakers such as Bill Gates, Al Gore and Philippe Starck, lending credibility to this video's contents.

How good is William Li as a speaker? Well, I watched the video ONCE and I was able to write the synopsis for this blog entry, and I'm a complete medical idiot. That says a lot about the clarity of ideas in this video. Be sure to watch it!