Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Miss Singapore? Give Singapore a miss...

I think it’s mean to slam beauty queen contestants. Seriously, if someone came up to you and pointed a camera and mike in your face to ask you for comments, you might stutter and fumble in your answers. And quite frankly, it’s different when you’re in the limelight and everyone is waiting to pounce on you for the smallest error.

HOWEVER, if you intend to represent Singapore, I think it’s reasonable to expect a certain level of standard. Personality bashing aside, being Miss Singapore is to showcase to the world what they can expect from the island nation. There is really no excuse when it comes to representing 4.5 million citizens, and one can understand the outcry and shock when a Miss Singapore who cannot express herself coherently is being sent to represent Singapore. Can we blame her for not being coherent in her speech? Perhaps. But instead of being judgmental on her, I think the judges clearly have issues here – they were the ones who picked her to represent the nation.

In the eighties, there was this long-running joke about “ang mohs” being surprised that so many Singaporean girls were “studying law”. Listening to Ris Low in this interview, I guess Singapore has moved on to the R&D age now that our girls are “stardying steel”. Just be prepared for that moment of mental processing as they try to remember their own course of study. I seriously think we have a problem if the world think that Singapore girls are incapable or enunciating words longer than three syllabuses.

Miss Singapore 2010 judges – please do Singapore a favour and pick a winner who is great with “hospitalarity” and has a strong “personlity”. Oh yes… probably someone who loves “jibras” as much as I do. Until then, I'd probably give Miss Universe a miss. World peace...


  1. Oh My God! Im totally speechless...jibras...hmnnnn

  2. OMG!! Don't forget the dark "dreens" too.. Buahahahaha....

  3. hey..there's "leopard prince" too!

    and "jot down orchard road" --> what the hell is that?! either you jog or u strut

    she's really someone that..."BOOMS"

  4. JIBRAS??? rofl! I laughed till tears fall! Anyway she wants a briny guy not brainy :D

    In HongKong, they have William Hung and in Singapore we have Ris Low. They make the perfect couple for He Bangs and She Booms Hahahaha! Sorry! I couldn't help being mean :D

  5. Gee! Her english is super bad! JIBRA??? what is that supposed to mean? BOOMZ? is she talking about bombs? Sorry! i could not help being so mean! :)

  6. Yes her english is bad but don't you think part of the blame should also falls on the organizer of the beauty contest. You look at the interview she don't possess much confidence in herself. She should be trained to tackle interviews with confidence.