Monday, 4 May 2009

Welcome to Hell...

Hell's Kitchen, that is. Hell's Kitchen is a reality TV Show about small time chefs vying to become the chef of one of Gordon Ramsay's new restaurants. Now in case you don't know who Gordon Ramsay is, google him online. That's right... the bad-ass devil-tempered chef is one of the top 3 chefs in the world, and he has been awarded... count this... 16 freakin' Michelin stars. When you realize how hard chefs around the world strive to get that one coveted star, you'd realize what a big deal it is to have 16 stars.

Of course, having 16 Michelin stars on your shoulders gives you higher authority than any US general, so that automatically grants you the right to cuss and swear at the mere mortals on the show. And Gordon Ramsay did it like no one else can, which is why he earns another star as the King of the F-word. I never knew anyone else who can make the F-word sound better in the British accent than Ramsay.

Oooh... you don't know what I'm talking about, do you? Of course you don't, not if you're watching terrestial television from Mediacorp. That's right... all the nice bits have been *beeped* out for the docile audience in Singapore. My friend sent me the YouTube link to the uncensored version of Hell's Kitchen. What an eye-opener... this show is freaking cool! See it for yourself at:

Welcome to Hell's Kitchen!

There're a lot of people who'd disaggree with Gordon Ramsay's vulgar verbal abuse of the contestants. But seriously, if you had to run a kitchen with some of those jokers, you would swear at them the same way too. I know I will... once I get my crummy hands on those Michelin stars!

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