Sunday, 17 May 2009

The tiger and the cat

This is an ancient fable about passing on knowledge to others with dubious morality...

When the world was made, cats roamed the earth for thousands of years. Tigers were created very much later, and when the first tiger cub was born, he was helpless as he could not hunt or fend for himself. Weak with hunger, the tiger cub begged the cat to teach him the life skills to survive in the world.

Taking pity on the tiger, the cat agreed to teach him how to hunt and evade detection. Everyday the cat would teach the tiger how to stalk the prey, lie in the downwind and conceal his outline. The tiger was a fast learner, and soon he became as good as his teacher. Other animals called him the lord of the jungle, and he was mightily pleased.

One day, the tiger thought to himself "why should I continue to listen to the cat when I'm the lord of the jungle? I've no more use for him, and I should eat him as a reward for my immense skills!" The tiger found the cat lazing by the edge of the forest, and he pounced towards the cat in a mighty leap!

The cat raced out of the tiger's reach and made a beeline for the trees and scrambled up to the branches. The tiger screeched to a halt at the bottom of the tree and glared at the cat, "you didn't teach me about climbing trees!" he growled at the cat.

"Fine thing I didn't," said the cat. "Or I'd be dead by now."

Moral of the story: be careful who you impart your knowledge to, and keep an exit strategy for yourself.


  1. I always thought it was "God created the cat so that man may caress the tiger."

    Either way, great moral. And very true.

  2. nice very nice....

  3. The bigger the pity, the bigger the danger !
    the smaller the body, the greater the intelligence !
    The greater the intelligence, the farther the plan !
    The farther the plan, the higher the reach (for the tree) !
    The higher the reach, the harder the return (to the ground) !
    The harder the return, the easier to be eaten !
    The easier to be eaten, the greater the remorse to teach the tiger !
    The greater the remorse to teach others, the sadder the heart of the cat !
    The sadder the cat, the easier for humans to domesticate the cat !
    The more domesticated, the more love for the cat by humans !
    The more the love for cats, the happier the lives of humans !
    The more happier the humans, the more happier is me, the poster !

  4. I just shared it with a wise person..hope she benefits from it ;)

  5. It takes her a lot of time to read these comments...LOL

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