Sunday, 24 May 2009

Photo gallery: 7 days in Tibet

Sometime ago, I went on a short vacation to Tibet (strike one off from the "100 things to do before I die" list). While Brad Pitt spent "Seven Years in Tibet", I could only afford to spend seven days. Frankly if I can end up looking like Brad Pitt after seven years there, I would stay there!

While Brad may look slightly better than me (getting shameless here), I'm pretty sure my photos look better than his. So here they are...

Click on photo to enter gallery.


  1. There's something very mystical and surreal about these pictures, moving but yet intangible. Amazing!

    My favorite would be the one with the man with his back turned and his dog is kissing another.

    Keep em coming! =)

  2. I'd like to share with you a brilliant video taken by Chris Milk with the Canon 5DMkII and a lensbaby lens...


  3. Thanks for sharing the video... I tot I was watching porn with the opening screen. :)

    The video is a bit depressing... but it does make you think. On your last day on earth, what do you want to recall about your life? Do you have anything worth remembering or being proud of? Have you left behind any legacy?

  4. I'm always seem to be associated with porn for some reason =D

    The video is shot brilliantly and so beautifully, I think, it's like telling phases of a life story in 10 seconds.

    Thinking about it, life can really be just that simple

    But we choose to let the everyday nonsense get to us.

    In my opinion, a legacy is not of importance, but the little snippets of memory in our lives; of the people we love and care about; and the things we can proudly say we've had the chance to live and experience.

    Chris Milk must be happy that a 10 second clip can inflict such inspiration =p